video & lightdesign
© Killa Schuetze

See you on the other side

Matthias Mohr
music-theater, 2016

“My abuse consists of having photographed you without your permission. Of course, it is not like an ordinary photograph; this is my latest invention. We shall live in this photograph forever. “
From the novel “The invention of Morel”

“See you on the other side” is both a music theater and media sculpture at the same time. In the center of the performance motifs from the novel “The Invention of Morel” (1940) by the Argentine writer Adolfo Bioy Casares and from Arnold Schoenberg’s second string quartet (1907-08) with texts by Stefan George are used.

Bioy Casares and Schoenberg deal with the loss of physical presence in favour of a virtual immortality. In “The Invention of Morel” the scientist Morel develops a machine that reproduces a perfect image of people in their external and internal living circumstances. However, the whole thing is flawed; shortly after their medial doubling the people die. But the machine conceived by Morel continues – a theatrical Perpetuum mobile.

with Christian Wittmann
Daphnis Quartett Violine Moritz Ter-Nedden / Violine Frédérique Gulikers / Viola Petrus Coetzee / Violoncello Elisa Aylon

concept / director Matthias Mohr
stage Martin Wenzel
costume Killa Schütze
sounddesign Willi Bopp
video -& lightdesign René Liebert
assistance Philipp Bergmann

a coproduction of KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen and Hessisches Landestheaters Marburg