video & lightdesign
SOLO [Standing on the Shoulders of Giants]

SOLO [Standing on the shoulders of giants]

Lina Lindheimer
dance, 2007

The English phrase “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” describes the inevitability, with which the knowledge of others appears in ones own thinking and action.

Whether the phrase, which is as an inscription stamped on the edge of the English 2 £ Coin, is a quotation of Newton, that of a stranger from the 12th century, that of the British band Oasis, Umberto Eco’s or one of the free software movement, could probably be answered by an easy chronological research. However, this would only provide evidence which is as likely as irrelevant; after all it is not a question of the person, who considers him- or herself the inventor, but of the – thanks to the preparatory work of lots of others grown – idea.
SOLO [Standing on the Shoulders of Giants] tries to get to the bottom of the inevitability, the possibility and impossibility to create something entirely new. Whether there can be an inventor of movements at all and which reasons exit why one would claim the authorship for something so universally individual like movement or to generally look for this, is called into question in contemplation with dance and choreography.

“SOLO [Standing on the Shoulders of Giants]” is a production of of the residance program „K3 – center for choreography / Tanzplan Hamburg“. Premiere: 13.11.2007 Kampnagel Hamburg

concept & realisation: Lina Lindheimer
with: Laura Siegmund, Halina Blatt-Stevens
video & lightdesign: René Liebert
stage: Annette Haunschild
costumes: Elisa Cappell